old man of the woods is the ethereal electro pop project of seattle-based artist miranda elliott. alchemizing shit into sustenance, elliott crafts intimate, entrancing songs under the alias of a private, prickly mushroom that survives by the same creed. swirling harmonies, pulsing bass, and glimmering synths forge an eerie realm to gyrate and contemplate ~
"each pop nugget is like a different landscape painting, textural and intriguing, with deeper meaning hidden behind the lush, beguiling surfaces" - foxy digitalis
"a pleasant, dreamy synth-pop journey with delicate harmonies that feel like they’re striking the listener from all angles" - stereogum
"a myriad of musical ideas, beautifully married together, votives is an album of rare experimentation and a comforting place to ponder the disorientation of life" - secret meeting
"down-tempo pop splendour that slowly unfurls with repeated listens" - sun-13
"one second the record feels engulfed in a deep nebulous fog of doubt, the next it is a sunbeam breaking through, shining a light on what is it to be human, in love, out of love and very much willing to learn how to cope with both" - for the rabbits
"develops the style introduced on dissolve, pushing beyond the natural world and into that of dreams, thereby inviting us further into elliott's distinctive imagination" - various small flames
"pop history, and especially its more electronic side, is very much elliott's playground, and she conjures up the most diverse influences to create her sound collages" - slim chance
"synth pop on the surface, but...delicately woven ballads, meant to be shared in secret" - austin town hall
"as intimate as they are hidden" - slumber mag
"an inviting live wire that exudes cool and charm" - the autumn roses
"atmospheric textures and rich soundscapes that mimic natural settings and phenomena" - look at my records
"a wild world" - closed captioned
"the last mile of the trek. the train slows down behind the rain. watch as the entire countryside unfolds like a blanket and you try to smile." - small albums